SiteManager is our own Content Management System that's been developed in-house over a period of 20+ years.

An early version was sold to BT in an underhand way and formed the basis of BT Customer Street which was sold to thousands of small business owners using unscrupulous sales tactics. It's the reason I'll never employ 'sales professionals'.

Originally developed as a simple platform to get top search engine results, it utilised reverse-engineering the search engine algorithms. It's no longer possible to fully reverse-engineer the algorithms, but SiteManager still observes best practices to ensure the on-page and on-site search SEO allows the website to achieve the best possible visibility on search engines.


Our SiteManager websites consistently gain better search engine visibility than most content management systems.

SiteManager WordPress Wix
Performance 98% 73% 97%
Accessibility 100% 87% 81%
Best Practices 100% 95% 95%
on-page SEO 100% 100% 82%

Results obtained from Google Chrome Developer Tools Lighthouse for ourselves and other design agencies in Morecambe

Content Blocks

Most website owners aren't as tech-savvy as the people building the site. This can add complexity to content editing where the editor needs to memorise specific steps in the rich text editor to get a certain result. By templating small blocks of content, even complex markup requirements are easily implemented.

Each of those small blocks of content have their own template so you can do amazing things with their values. Maybe you want to automatically resize an image or add a filter, or add a clickable anchor to each heading. The sky is the limit! You can move them around, make them bigger or smaller, clone them, or even move them to another page.

When we set up your website, we set up the templates needed for a consistent look throughout the website. If you need more, just ask.

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