Managed Website Hosting

Shared, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Cloud or Dedicated, the type of hosting you choose will largely depend on the type of website you have, and how much traffic it recieves.

All the hosting services we provide are fully managed. We handle all the hardware and software setup and configuration, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring and updates.

Shared Hosting

You share the server resources with other users, but don't worry, we don't cram thousands of sites onto a server.

We closely monitor what's being put on the servers.

Our servers for shared hosting are in a secure UK data centre.

Shared hosting is adequate for most of the websites we build.


Each VPS has its own resources, and we have more control over the setup for an individual user.

We use Amazon Web Services for the VPSs we manage.

Our bespoke systems usually need a VPS, but we may also recommend your website be moved to a VPS if it has a lot of traffic or is particularly resource intensive.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting uses virtualization technology to distribute resources across multiple servers, creating a scalable hosting environment. This allows websites and apps to be hosted on interconnected servers that work together to ensure high availability and optimal performance.

We use Amazon Web Services for Cloud Hosting. This type of hosting is more suited to enterprise-level operations.

Shared Hosting

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Managed VPS

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Managed Cloud Hosting

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You may see 'cloud' hosting advertised at £5 per month or less. Technically, it's cloud hosting but all your services (website, database, storage, email etc) are run from a single container that's distributed amongst multiple servers whereas true cloud hosting will have each of your services in a different container, optimised for that specific service.

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