Domain Name Availability

PRICES £20 per year
.com £25 per year
.net £25 per year
.org £25 per year
£20 per year

Some extensions are restricted and have specific criteria you must meet in order to register them. Contact us if you're interested in one of the more unusual extensions and we'll let you know if you qualify.


The domain names we register on behalf of our clients are fully managed.

Running the whole shebang behind the scenes is the DNS (Domain Name System). Every domain name has a number of DNS records associated with it. These tell the internet where the website is (A records), where the email is (MX records), and more recently verification tools to prevent spam (TXT records).

When you register a domain name, you'll have to set up these records yourself. You can do this through the control panel for your domain, or use a 3rd party DNS Host. We can make changes for you as and when they're needed, but with the introduction of two-step-authentication on most domain control panels, it's becoming more time-consuming for us to manage them. All changes will be invoiced at our hourly rate.

When we register a domain name on your behalf, we set up the DNS records for you and the cost of any changes is included in the annual fee.

Register or Transfer a Domain Name

Managed Domain Name


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